why boxing?

Boxing can be one of the most fun, exhilarating and challenging, sports that you’ll ever try.
Whether you’re looking to take part competitively or simply use boxing as a great way to keep fit, LCB provides opportunity for individuals at any level. We offer inclusive access to recreational and competitive boxing as a means of encouraging sustainable participation in sport. We place a special emphasis on breaking down barriers of race, age, class, creed and ability, and on creating positive social change.


The empowerment potential of boxing was recently reappraised in a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Boxing: “[Boxing] has an almost unmatched capability to engage some of the most disaffected young people and help to combat a massive range of social problems, covering crime, educational underachievement, health and fitness and community cohesion.”

At LCB, we see boxing as a way to become fit, have fun and compete as well as a pathway to building confidence, self-respect, discipline and life skills, contributing to personal and community development beyond the sport.

Find out more by reading ‘The Right Hook‘ – A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Boxing.

Champions in Sport Champions in Life

Meet some of our inspirational team members.


Tiffany Farley

Tiffany Farley’s story began around 2 years ago. She was part of the group of young people with disabilities that joined the boxing training with the LCB at the Rockbourne Youth Club in Lewisham. Tiff was a shy, introverted young lady who had never shown any interest in participating in physical activity of any kind. Today, she is a lively, confident person who helps coach her peers at Rockbourne and also helps out in the gym on Saturdays and Sundays.

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